Different Kinds of Photo Booths

Photo booths have been popular back in the days and it’s still popular until now, although there are many options other than photobooths but photobooths held more meaning and style. Photobooths are different from the normal cameras of your phone or the regular stuffs, photobooths have a distinct style that will set out a style not achieve by apps. In this article we will present to your different photobooths that can be found in different parts of the world and what are their distinct style that’s not achieved by others. Photobooths can be a great addition to parties, if you are interested in adding it, you can contact photo booth rental Sacramento for a renting of different photobooths for parties. 

  • PurikuraPhotobooths from Japan 

Purikura photobooths are a kind of photobooth in which you can customize the aftereffects of the photo that you have took while in booth by different kinds of stickers. Purikura is a photobooth which you can doodle and put stickers in the photo that you took, normally, purikura photobooths have a timer so you better be quick for photos. You can find various kinds of purikura in japan but they have also spread out through-oute Asia and parts of the world like Europe and America for you to experience. The meaning of Purikura in English translation is ‘print booth’, purikura is a fun and a cute photobooths that are perfect for different audiences of any ages if they’re interested. 

  • Photobooths for Parties Themes

Another photobooth kind is the one that’s perfect for different parties, this kind of photobooth can surely cost money for rental but it’s worth it as many people have tried. This kind of photobooths are a great addition to wedding receptions, sweet sixteen parties, and other parties, they have quite a lot of features compare to the other photo booths. The features are animated GIF, Flip book printing, slow motion videos, green screen, virtual dressings, virtual props or accessories facial gesture recognition, and even different kinds of games. This type of photo booth would be a great addition to your party as they will give a great memory for the guest to cherish and a great experience for different people. 

  • 3d Photobooths from Netherlands

There is a photobooth for different sticker printing, there is a photobooth with many features, and there is also a photobooth for 3d figurines from the 2d pictures of customers. This will bring a new experience that is not achieved from any other type of booth so far, it is quite new that you will have your own 3d figure. Most 3d photobooths are human operated so it is guaranteed that they will have a much more proper service than robots operating them and it’s also safe for you. They will cost a lot compare to other photobooths because it is 3d but they will surely give you a new experience, great quality, and a lifetime 3d memory of yourself.